[Cin] Openjpeg update ....

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 22:05:20 CET 2021

Checked in Andrew's patch and updated openjpeg-2.4.0 after testing on
Ubuntu 16 -- just little tests but it does seem a little faster to render
Jpeg Sequence  (4.027 versus 4.169 on a small 1'30' video).

Andrea/Walter -- if you have time could you GIT pull and rebuild and make a
small test too?

I did get openjpeg-2.4.0 built and the results look good, but I still want
> to test on an older distro yet tomorrow.  Thanks for the hints.
>> I think I had patch for building new nasm as thirdparty (attached)
>> do not forgot to add nasm's tar.gz into thirdparty/src
>> if you want to test this too ....
> Still time for me to test this toda!
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