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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 21:07:23 CET 2021

Does anyone have any objections to checking in the Autosave Backup code to
GIT?  Does it seem to be safe enough?  I know Andrew had suggested to "test
with caution" so is there any concern?  I have not encountered any
anomalies in my tests and you know I always log in as root.

On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 1:51 AM Andrea paz via Cin <
cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org> wrote:

> I was thinking of adding a section in the manual about how backup
> works in CinGG.
> Please correct me if I am wrong:
> if I don't enable the new option (default), a backup is created at
> each editing action (see below the list of actions suggested by
> Andràs) but this overwrites the previous backup.prev so in .bcast5
> there will be only one backup file (plus backup.xml whose function I
> don't understand). The same when we manually create a backup via File
> --> save backup. When we make a File --> Load backup, in addition to
> bring on the timeline the backup.prev we also create a new
> backup.prev.
> If I enable "Autosaves continuous backups" the backup.prev file is not
> overwritten, but a new backup.prev_xxxxxxxx_xxxxxx (with data and
> clock time) is created. These are small files so their number is not a
> problem. In any case when you exit CinGG the various backups are
> deleted except for the last 50, which will still be available at the
> next restart. The new option is put in Settings --> Preferences -->
> Appearance Tab under the Dangerous section because if you have a crash
> or anyway you don't exit CinGG correctly, the delete phase doesn't
> happen and the risk is the increase of the backup files inside .bcast5
> but, as said, their size is very small and so not a big problem.
> With this option enabled, how does File --> save/load backup work?
> Is there anything I didn't understand? Is there anything to add?
> There are a few parts where save_backup() is called (Reuss Andràs):
> cinelerra/cwindowgui.C:2
> cinelerra/swindow.C:1
> cinelerra/keyframepopup.C:2
> cinelerra/pluginpopup.C:1
> cinelerra/mwindowedit.C:87
> cinelerra/presetsgui.C.sav1:1
> cinelerra/assetpopup.C:1
> cinelerra/cwindowtool.C:1
> cinelerra/render.C:1
> cinelerra/setformat.C:1
> cinelerra/mwindow.C:9
> cinelerra/keyframegui.C:2
> cinelerra/mwindowgui.C:1
> cinelerra/mainmenu.C:1
> cinelerra/loadfile.C:2
> cinelerra/savefile.C:2
> cinelerra/menueffects.C:1
> cinelerra/main.C:1
> cinelerra/presetsgui.C.sav:1
> cinelerra/record.C:1
> cinelerra/plugindialog.C:1
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