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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 20:59:12 CET 2021

That would be good to update Section 4.4.3 which currently discusses
backup.xml, backup_prev, and perpetual sessions to add additional
information about "Autosave continuous backups".  Unless I made a mistake,
the following are some corrections.

if I don't enable the new option (default), a backup is created at each
> editing action

True. This is the backup.xml file.  When you "Load backup" or "Save
backup", this is the file that is written or loaded.

but this overwrites the previous backup.prev

No, before backup.xml is rewritten because of a new editing operation, its
current contents is written to backup_prev.

so in .bcast5
> there will be only one backup file (plus backup.xml whose function I
> don't understand).

So from the above, it should be clear that there are always 2 backups -
backup.xml and backup_prev.   Of course, if you are a new user, neither of
these files will exist until some editing has been done or saved.

> If I enable "Autosaves continuous backups" the backup.prev file is not
> overwritten, but a new backup.prev_xxxxxxxx_xxxxxx (with data and
> clock time) is created.

No. backup.xml and backup_prev work exactly as before.  The new ability is
that before backup_prev is written over from backup.xml, it is copied to a
whole new file named backup_prev.timestamp.

These are small files so their number is not a
problem. In any case when you exit CinGG the various backups are
> deleted except for the last 50, which will still be available at the
> next restart.

True, but remember, backup.xml and backup_prev are never deleted by the

> The new option is put in Settings --> Preferences -->
> Appearance Tab under the Dangerous section because if you have a crash
> or anyway you don't exit CinGG correctly, the delete phase doesn't
> happen and the risk is the increase of the backup files inside .bcast5
> but, as said, their size is very small and so not a big problem.
> With this option enabled, how does File --> save/load backup work?
> Is there anything I didn't understand? Is there anything to add?

With the above explanations, I think it is clearer but maybe someone else
has something to add.  I still think it is necessary to stress the
possibility of filling up the disk -- the risk is very low but if the
backup file goes crazy and is looped out for some reason, than the
possibility exists.

> There are a few parts where save_backup() is called (Reuss Andràs):
> cinelerra/cwindowgui.C:2
> cinelerra/swindow.C:1
> cinelerra/keyframepopup.C:2
> cinelerra/pluginpopup.C:1
> cinelerra/mwindowedit.C:87
> cinelerra/presetsgui.C.sav1:1
> cinelerra/assetpopup.C:1
> cinelerra/cwindowtool.C:1
> cinelerra/render.C:1
> cinelerra/setformat.C:1
> cinelerra/mwindow.C:9
> cinelerra/keyframegui.C:2
> cinelerra/mwindowgui.C:1
> cinelerra/mainmenu.C:1
> cinelerra/loadfile.C:2
> cinelerra/savefile.C:2
> cinelerra/menueffects.C:1
> cinelerra/main.C:1
> cinelerra/presetsgui.C.sav:1
> cinelerra/record.C:1
> cinelerra/plugindialog.C:1
Andras knows a lot more about the program calls then I ever will so his
lists makes sense as these sound like editing changes.
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