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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 16:57:23 CET 2021

*Batch Render is more of an "advanced feature"* and I suspect the casual
user will never use it, but it is there for those who need it.  A recent
example being Ugin who needed it and from what he said in his email, he got
it working for him right away without any real problem.

There are quite a few features in CinelerraGG that most people will never
use.  For example, *Render Farm is 12 pages* in the manual and only someone
with more in depth knowledge will ever use it..  The *Title plugin is 10
pages* long but most people can use it without having to read and
understand all 10 pages, but still there are questions about all of the

So we need to *make Batch Render seem more usable *without having to read
only 5 pages AND without removing key features that were added, not for
fun, but for necessity.     ...Phyllis

On Sat, Jan 9, 2021 at 10:29 PM Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux via Cin <
cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org> wrote:

> After reading Igor_Ubuntu's extensive article, I still think that a batch
> render window should be as simple and intuitive as possible a wizard. This
> is what an audiovisual technician expects to find in such an assistant. In
> fact, the audiovisual technicians and artists of the union flee from
> unnecessary complications and especially from assistants without any logic
> that can even ruin our work.
> A batch render window has to be explained with just two lines, we are NOT
> trying to pilot a Boeing 747, we are only trying to do a batch render. Igor
> to justify the button "Save to EDL Path" has had to write an extensive
> article ... and it turns out that when an audiovisual technician wants to
> test different color settings of a project, for example, he will make
> several .xml versions with the Save as option, which is what this option is
> for.
> Something is NOT being done well if for a simple task a long and confusing
> article is needed to explain the operation of options without sense or work
> logic in the audiovisual environment.
> I honestly would not ask any programmer to spend a second of their
> precious time making hidden and advanced menus of some functions that
> nobody is going to use, I would simply eliminate the two options mentioned,
> "Save to EDL Path" and "Warn if jobs/session mismatchet "because no one
> expects a render window to make changes to the project, beyond the render
> settings, and what no one expects and wants is a render window that can
> destroy your work. So I insist, do not waste time beyond removing the
> functions without any logic or utility and dedicate the time to do more
> necessary and fruitful things in Cinelerra GG.
> It is only a recommendation, it is not up to me to decide what should or
> should not be done in Cinelerra GG.
> El dom, 10 ene 2021 a las 2:39, Phyllis Smith via Cin (<
> cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>) escribió:
>> I added few tooltips based on suggestions from this article, see patch
>>  The added tooltips are helpful and probably we should add more so did
>> not check into GIT yet.  But I might have to fix the following one (smiley
>> face!)
>>> +       set_tooltip(_("Save to loaded EDL (highlighted), will
>>> *overwrite* *nighlighted *proj!"));
>>> But apparently 'warn if proj/session mismatch' doesn't work as intended,
>>> I'll try to look into it but no promise of solution.
>>> I also slightly updated russian translation because long russian
>>> sentence about # of
>>> CPU used by plugins was stomping away text in Use HW acceleration
>>> dropdown list!
>>> ..
>>> You might apply it anyway,
>>  Yes, I will apply.
>> I think some more ru translation work will be needed due to all those
>>> added strings
>>> (a bit afraid to do it due to possibility of breackage - but there is no
>>> other way!)
>> I agree, have to keep moving forward despite potential errors.
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