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Mon Jan 11 18:36:43 CET 2021

Rafa, don't worry about expressing your thoughts directly. We are all 
Linux users here, which means that we all like direct communication.

11.01.2021 18:30, Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux via Cin пишет:
> Thank you very much Ugin for commenting on your experience... I had never
> looked at Cinelerra's batch render window. I go looking at tools, I test
> them, and then I try to write a tutorial on it to help hobbyists looking
> for a good tool.
> And your query caught my attention and I decided to take a look at the
> batch render assistant... the first thing I saw about this wizard is that
> it is not very intuitive, and the second my blood ran cold when I saw that
> it had a function that could destroy an entire project with a single click,
> and then another option that is linked to the aforementioned function,
> which is also misleading.
> I totally agree with you that these options without any practical sense, as
> much as Igor tries to convince us otherwise, that they can frustrate the
> user experience. Nobody likes to lose their job. And I find it difficult to
> recommend an editor that in a click given by mistake, this happens to us
> every day when we work with computers, lose all their work without going
> back.
> And I'm sorry to repeat myself, but when a professional needs two versions
> of the same project to do tests, he does not go to the batch render window
> to play his project, he simply makes a save as and that's it, and then
> loads these files in the batch render.
> I always say what I think, this creates enemies, and I am delighted with
> this, because normally these enemies are very egocentric people who cling
> to their ego without attending to reasons, and I am not like that, if I am
> wrong and they tell me, I even give thanks, and it's people like that that
> I like to surround myself with. If Igor is wrong with the fact that his
> working method is not practical and he likes to have an application that a
> wrong click can make you lose your job, which can be an hour or months...
> well there he, but I take the right to politely tell you that your proposal
> lacks all logic and is impractical or labor-saving, on the contrary, makes
> the batch render wizard a tool to avoid.
> Sorry for my long expositions, maybe I shouldn't write more about this
> topic because I have already said what I think many times.
> El lun, 11 ene 2021 a las 13:30, preobraz--- via Cin (<
> cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>) escribió:
>> Since I was mentioned in this thread, I will say that during the batch
>> rendering tests, 4 files were deleted from me. Then I did not know the
>> reasons for deleting them, and before experiments I always try to make
>> backups, but for someone this behavior can ruin the whole wonderful
>> impression of Cinelerra-GG.
>> --
>> Ugin.
>> 10.01.2021 21:10, Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux via Cin пишет:
>>> At no point did I say that the batch rendering function should be
>> removed.
>>> It was precisely Ugin's query that made me take a look at the Batch
>> Render
>>> wizard.
>> --
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