[Cin] gitwatch

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 09:21:06 CET 2021

...oh, look!

There is app (script) for that, too :}


What to use it for?

That's really up to you, but here are some examples:

    config files: some programs auto-write their config files, without waiting for you to click an 'Apply' button; or even if there is such a button, most programs offer you no way of going back to an earlier version of your settings. If you commit your config file(s) to a git repo, you can track changes and go back to older versions. This script makes it convenient, to have all changes recorded automatically.

    document files: if you use an editor that does not have built-in git support (or maybe if you don't like the git support it has), you can use gitwatch to automatically commit your files when you save them, or combine it with the editor's auto-save feature to fully automatically and regularly track your changes

    more stuff! If you have any other uses, or can think of ones, please let us know, and we can add them to this list!



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