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Reuss András reussandras at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 06:53:47 CET 2021


Glad to hear it works as expected.

An automatic save is a handy feature in production programs. And 
yes,  I probably can do it, but it needs more investigation from my 
- how to start some timer for saving backups
- localize the current directory

Please don't hold your breath, I can do it after work, in my spare 
time with my limited knowledge.
Thanks for your hint about --single-user, I will test it.

On 2021. 01. 18. 3:10, Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux wrote:
> @Reuss András
> Your work works perfect, I have needed help to be able to pass the 
> information that you have put in your text file to the original 
> files. I don't know about programming. Once like this I have 
> compiled and installed the program and it has worked correctly.
> Phyllis Smit should see this good work.
> I do not know if there is a limit of files that are created, I have 
> played with this and I have created more than 100.
> Is it possible to define the creation of these files with a limit?
> For example 50 backup files, I think that with this figure anyone 
> could recover the project from it.
> And now a proposal if it is not to abuse your programming knowledge.
> Is it possible, for example, to create in the same folder where we 
> have the xml file two or three backup files?
> This is very frequent in this type of application, Adobe makes 5 
> copies by default, the oldest is deleted and a new one is added to 
> the list. In the application preferences you can choose the number 
> of copies and how often they are created. Even in a sudden shutdown 
> the last backup can be more recent than the project file if the 
> autosave time is longer than the backup time. Blender does this too.
> It's just an idea, I don't like to abuse anyone's time, but 
> something like this would be wonderful at Cinelerra GG.
> And then there is the problem of a BatchRender option that could be 
> kept if it does not overwrite the current file and make a copy of 
> it, with a number for example, in order to never lose our project 
> due to a wrong click.
> Thank you very much, and I repeat that they are only ideas, if you 
> want to do them it would be wonderful.
> El lun, 18 ene 2021 a las 2:15, Andrew Randrianasulu via Cin 
> (<cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org <mailto:cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>>) 
> escribió:
>     В сообщении от Sunday 17 January 2021 02:49:31 Reuss András via
>     Cin написал(а):
>      > Hi
>      > I read sometimes cinelerra mail list (not very carefully) and
>      > someone once asked for an automatic backup with timestamp or
>      > something like that.
>      >
>      > I created a small patch that would provide this: on
>     save_backup()
>      > call, a new version with timestamp is created from
>     backup.prev. I
>      > don't know if it is useful at all.
>     Cool, thanks! I think your version is much better than my hack :}
>      >
>      > It compiles at least, but I cannot test it because cinelerra
>     stops
>      > at start due to some missing theme plugin, did not
>     investigate it.
>     May be because you you compiled '--with-single-user' and forgot
>     to make install,
>     or because normally compiled Cin was not yet installed, or was
>     installed in different prefix
>     (so she can't find plugins) ?
>      >
>      > Thanks for your attention.
>      > Br
>      > Andras
>      >
>      >
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