[Cin] Batchrender update diff

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 14:45:27 CET 2021

Thanks Andrew.
cin -r listjob.xml doesn't crash, but neither does it start rendering.
It says: "cin command not found".
>From GUI everything is OK.

Backup: several backups with timecode and number are created (38 after
a little testing). In .bcast5 there is a backup.prev; a backup.xml and
the various backups with timecode. "Save backup" creates a new backup;
"load backup" creates a new backup; I didn't really understand how it

Titler: both with English (that I always put) and with sys (Italian) I
don't see problems in the textbox popup, but maybe I didn't understand
the problem.

Transition: both setting English and sys (Italian), Attach Transition
works without problems. In dialog I've Italian in sys and english in
En. Default transition is in english.

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