[Cin] Suggestion for improving the BathRender window

Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux rafamar.mm.ig at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 22:01:32 CET 2021

1- I think that the batch render assistant should not remember the last
job, after closing the session, and always open blank.
We precisely have the save and load button if we want to save the batch
render list.
I don't see much sense to the ~/.cast5/batchrender.rc file
It would be more useful to improve the "Save jobs" option, showing the
location of the xml file and if it already exists, simply when saving does
not reopen the explorer window, a warning to overwrite, and simply pressing
Load jobs will load it if it is in the box. The latter saved file if it
could be remembered.
2- Is it possible that the batch render does not take into account the
position of the playhead?
This lacks any logic in batch processing. Typically, the entire project is
rendered regardless of where the playhead was left.
3- Just a suggestion. Is it possible to add the option to render the area
marked with the in and out points?
For example, in a project I mark an area and by means of a button I
indicate that in the new line of the project loaded in EDL Path only this
area is rendered, if later I create a new line and modify the in and out
points, I can add this to this new line and then the batch render will
export these fragments to me, from the same or several projects.

[image: Idea.png]
In this way it would even be better than in many professional applications.
You just have to explain the importance of creating a new line before
changing data. It is the only thing that is not intuitive, but once it is
known it is no longer a problem.
I'm sticking with the idea of removing the Save to EDL button and the
job/session match option, but this could go on as Andrew-R has done.
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