[Cin] Suggestion for improving the BathRender window

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 22:12:06 CET 2021

В сообщении от Wednesday 20 January 2021 00:01:32 Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux via Cin написал(а):
> 1- I think that the batch render assistant should not remember the last
> job, after closing the session, and always open blank.
> We precisely have the save and load button if we want to save the batch
> render list.

I think this is one of those "cheap on programmer's time speed ups", but also see below ....

> I don't see much sense to the ~/.cast5/batchrender.rc file

As far as I understand batchrendering also used for renderfarm. I haven't tested this
mode yet, and I'm afraid about modifying code I haven't tested yet.

> It would be more useful to improve the "Save jobs" option, showing the
> location of the xml file and if it already exists, simply when saving does
> not reopen the explorer window, a warning to overwrite, and simply pressing
> Load jobs will load it if it is in the box. The latter saved file if it
> could be remembered.
> 2- Is it possible that the batch render does not take into account the
> position of the playhead?
> This lacks any logic in batch processing. Typically, the entire project is
> rendered regardless of where the playhead was left.

As it was laready noted - 'typically' as in other programs may not apply to Cinelerra, 
due to how  she organized internally ..
for better or worse .....

> 3- Just a suggestion. Is it possible to add the option to render the area
> marked with the in and out points?
> For example, in a project I mark an area and by means of a button I
> indicate that in the new line of the project loaded in EDL Path only this
> area is rendered, if later I create a new line and modify the in and out
> points, I can add this to this new line and then the batch render will
> export these fragments to me, from the same or several projects.

But can't you do the same with labels? Or not?
(never used them personally...sorry...)

> [image: Idea.png]
> In this way it would even be better than in many professional applications.
> You just have to explain the importance of creating a new line before
> changing data. It is the only thing that is not intuitive, but once it is
> known it is no longer a problem.
> I'm sticking with the idea of removing the Save to EDL button and the
> job/session match option, but this could go on as Andrew-R has done.

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