[Cin] Cannot render above 60FPS

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Jun 19 10:05:41 CEST 2021

What I know 72, 90, and 144 are not standard frame rates. I don't 
remember for 100 fps, seems to me not.
I think only standard frame rates should be taken into consideration by 
Cinelerra-GG, otherwise what is a standard for?
If an User uses a no standard frame rate She/He may have problem to play 
it somewhere.
If You, like me, think that Cinelerra-GG is a professional program (I 
would say mostly Prosumer) only the standard frame rate should be there 
to avoid future/next problem with users (and broadcast). And could it 
happen for Video/Audio sync?
IMHO, all of you can make a screencast with screen recorder at any (?) 
frame rate you want but when you use a NLE the Format Project should use 
the standard frame rates.
What I know Cinelerra-GG may work with any source frame rate but the 
Project Format should be conformed to standards.
The check on the frame rate that Cinelerra-GG performs are just for that.
Sorry if I think so.

I would like to know by Pierre, Sam, RafaMar and other Professionl Video 
Editor what they think about it.


Il 18/06/2021 15:46, Andrea paz via Cin ha scritto:
>> cool! Did you tried to import resulted files back into Cingg and try to proxy them?)
> Rendered again at 144 fps ==>  OK; closed CinGG; start CinGG ; load the
> file mp4 at 144 fps (1080p) ==>  OK
> Proxy a 1/2 default (mpeg) ==>  error:
>      int FFMPEG::open_encoder(const char*, const char*):
>      check_frame_rate failed
> /home/paz/video_editing/prova/CinGG-std-test.proxy2-mp4.mpeg
>      proxy: failed=1 canceled=0
>      int ProxyRender::create_needed_proxies(int):
>      Error making proxy.
>      proxy: failed=0 canceled=0
> (The proxies are 2 because in the timeline I had created a clip and
> then brought it back into the timeline as a nested clip, appended to
> the previous edit.)
> Created a proxy in mov.mov (1/2) ==>  OK
> Done various editing with proxy/original ==>  OK
> Deleted the proxy ==>  OK
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