[Cin] offtopic: "Timeline analog" -- history of editing book series

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Volume 1 (seems to be full), which deals with the period up to 1970, film
editing, Moviolas, Steenbecks, KEMs, invention of videotape:

Volume 2 (partial), 1971-1980: computers, video, CMX etc

Volume 3 (partial), 1981-1989: EditDroid, Montage, start of Avid etc

Volume 6 (full), 1996-2000: FinalCut, Premiere, the struggles of Lightworks
under Tektronix etc: tablo.io/velocite/timeline-analog-6

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cool, I only read Vol 1. more or less full over evening/night. Not all
pictures show up, but it was interesting read anyway...
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