[Cin] possible cinepack profile speedup

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 18:27:30 CEST 2021

Andrew, ok thank you.  It does not look like ffmpeg 4.4 is going to make it
in this month.
I am going to create new AppImages tomorrow because of the gang bug which
is  too serious and has no workaround.

also added two old (1996/8) h263 codecs - it theory they should be good for
> low-cpu decoding (on emulated computers for example), but apparently h263
> without 'p' only good at few pre-defined resolutions?
Did not even know h263 existed.  I will test today since it is something I
can actually do!

> sorry for not making progress on more important issues - I fiddled around
> with overlayframe.h - but I can't see my addons working? Either bug in code
> or I translated those blend modes wrongly..
No problem, everyone should just work on what is fun and interesting for
them.  This bug has workarounds
that are usable but tedious so we will have to tolerate that and it has
existed for a long time.

> there also two ffmpeg-4.4 patches recently added to git - they apply with
> patch -p1 yet not with git apply patch (misformatted patch).. Adds avc
> intra 300/480 if compiled against last x264 (15 june 2021)
For some reason, I did not make the connection that the new x264 required
ffmpeg 4.4 and I tried to  upgrade
to it yesterday.  But IMPORTANT QUESTION, the "stable" version, which is
what we have always used in the past
is dated around June 13th.  Would it not be better to continue that policy
instead of using June 15?   See
attached and note the box in upper left hand corner saying "stable".
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