[Cin] Fade black flash

Camille Harang mammique at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 09:46:20 CET 2021

Hello Sam, thanks for your reply, here is a screen record:

My version is 1:5.1.20201031

Thank you!


Le 09/03/2021 à 01:41, Sam via Cin a écrit :
> Camille,
> I vaguely remember such a similar case, but it was a very long time
> ago, hence this old work around with the fade line.
> However, after trying to reproduce this problem currently, I have not
> succeeded. It runs fine every time, just like Phyllis, without the
> problem you describe.
> My question to you. Which Cinelerra version are you using? Can you
> show a screenshot or short video of your timeline scenario and what
> parameters are set on your end so we can better reproduce the error?
> Maybe we missed a setting you are doing and with an exact match of the
> setting we can reproduce this issue. Thanks in advance.
> Sam
> Am 09.03.21 um 00:48 schrieb Phyllis Smith via Cin:
>> Camille,
>> Honestly, I never see a flash and I have tried several variations
>> based on your description with the "fade in text parameter" being the
>> easiest.  I did do a recording of it and planned to show that but the
>> recording does not do a precise capture job so you can not tell it is
>> working correctly.  There was no flash when playing at normal speed
>> and then I tried single stepping and still no flash.
>> Andrea,
>> I will try attaching a screenshot of how to set this up easily with
>> the hopes that you can try that.  Basically, I just created about 3
>> seconds of nothing and added a Title plugin making sure to set the
>> Fade parameter on the Title menu to 3.0 seconds (I use the reset
>> button first to make sure there are no leftover weird settings).
>> On Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 8:22 AM Camille Harang via Cin
>> <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org <mailto:cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>> wrote:
>>     Hi Sam, thanks for your reply, yes the fade line works, however
>>     it's not suitable for what I want to do, I want to fade many
>>     snippets of text and transparent PNGs on the same track, with
>>     always the same video transition filter set to the same duration.
>>     Otherwise it's too complicated to combine them on two tracks and
>>     adjust manually the fade curve for each. I posted the example of
>>     fade in text parameter as it's simpler than transition do
>>     explain, but it produces the same "black flash" bug.
>>     Thank you,
>>     Camille.

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