[Cin] HV update mods to "maybe" incorporate into CinGG

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 00:29:24 CET 2021

2 new plugins from HV 7.3 have been converted to run on cinelerra-gg and
checked into GIT -- not sure if either is very useful.
   Posterize -- converts video frames to poster-like frames.
   Timelapsehelper - this one is odd as you can speed up the video by 2x,
3x... BUT the time of the video stays the same so that if you have 1 minute
of video, it speeds it up at 2x and the frames show in 30 seconds but it
will play black frames for the other 30 seconds to make 1 minute and of
course the audio does not speed up.

Not a very good demo is at:  https://streamable.com/2046xd

Still looking at CR3 still but it requires a new LibRaw and I am hoping
Andrew can assist later.

On Sun, Mar 7, 2021 at 11:02 AM Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>

> Since MatN is working on an update for wikipedia for CinelerraGG, I
> noticed the inclusion of Adam's HV update as stated here:  "Bug fixes for
> running on a 4K monitor. Support for odd frame sizes in OpenGL. CR3 file
> format. Automatic histogram value."
> I can look at the changes and with some help from Andrew/Andras might be
> able to incorporate any simple improvements in our version.  Initial fuzzy
> observation:
> 1) Bug fixes for running on a 4K monitor -- *not needed* as the 4K
> monitor development was done independently here and there is no correlation
> and no bugs have been reported.
> 2) Support for odd frame sizes in OpenGL -- *probably* *not needed* as a
> lot of work to accommodate OpenGL AND odd frame size has been done here
> over time.  But I do not know how to check this.
> 3) CR3 file format support -- not sure about this.  Does ffmpeg support
> CR3?
> 4) Automatic histogram value -- this should not be difficult to check to
> see if needed and merge in.
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