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Georgy Salnikov sge at nmr.nioch.nsc.ru
Mon May 10 18:43:06 CEST 2021

On Mon, 10 May 2021, Andrea paz via Cin wrote:

> To put Context Help on the manual, I thought I would put it at the
> beginning of chapter 18. I used sge's exact words with some cut-outs
> and minor edits since they are clear and precise. Do you think it's
> okay or is it better to do further editing?

To put the complete Context Help description in some single place in the
manual is good, thank you Andrea. But there is additional consideration.

It is well known: true users hate reading manuals. Most likely, such a user
will never reach chapter 18 but will accidentally find out about existence
of Alt/h from some forum around.

I'd suggest, additionally, to mention Context Help somewhere near to the
manual's beginning, and in some particularly relevant places (for
unambiguity I give the corresponding HTML page names):

1) Einther in Chapters_Overview.html, or in CINELERRA_GG_Overview.html -
some short sentence like: "Furthemore, CGG provides the Context Help
facility. A relevant section of CGG manual can be quickly recalled in a web
browser window by pointing with mouse on the GUI item of interest and
pressing the hotkey Alt/h, see Chapter 18 for more info".

2) Perhaps in View_Listen.html (or in some other subsection of
CINELERRA_GG_Quick_Start_Gu.html) - something like: "If you need more
detailed information on a button or other particular GUI element than is
contained in tooltips, press Alt/h hotkey and you get the HTML page in web
browser with the documentation of the element being currently under mouse".

3) In How_see_short_Description_P.html - about the 4 possibilities of
getting documentation on a plugin in the form of Context Help.

4) In Shuttle_key_default_arrange.html - "This page can be quickly requested
from CGG by pressing both Alt keys (left and right) on keyboard followed by
pressing any button on the Shuttle".

5) Perhaps some tip(s) about Context Help could be added to the list for the
'Tip of the day' window.

6) Some phrase about Context Help facility might be added to the list of
documentation sources on the web page

Another addition for the Context Help documentation, for completeness, I
have added as note to BT568 in reply to user fary54: how to configure some
selected browsers to get Context Help pages displayed in same browser tab
rather than in new tabs for each new Alt/h request, I cite this:

1) Use another browser which has such a mode configurable (example for
export CIN_BROWSER=seamonkey
In seamonkey browser go to Edit -> Preferences... -> Browser -> Link
Behavior -> Links from other applications
Set the option "Open links passed from other applications in:" to the value
"The current tab/window"
And you get it!

2) Hack a default browser if you know how to hack it (example for Firefox):
Start Firefox and open the pseudo-URL:
There comes a warning like "I'll be careful, I promise!", acknowledge it.
Then comes a very long list with lots of undecipherable variable names.
Scroll it down and find variable with the name
"browser.link.open_newwindow.override.external". By default it has value:
-1, which means: use value of the more general variable
Place mouse cursor over "browser.link.open_newwindow.override.external",
press right button and select from the popup menu "Modify". The value
becomes editable. Set it to 1, and you get new links from external apps
opened in same tab.

If you set the variable "browser.link.open_newwindow" instead, you get this
behavior not only for external, but also for all links which otherwise would
be opened in new tabs or new windows. The possible values of both variables
1: open in the current window and tab
2: open in the new window
3 (default): open in the new tab, current window


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