[Cin] Short list of what is currently being worked on here

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue May 11 16:53:14 CEST 2021


>> 1) Continued testing/documentation of Georgy's *alt/h "Help"*
>> implementation (has been checked into GIT). Andrea has been keeping the
>> documentation up to date.
> Yeah, very cool!! (sorry can't test personally - I send email to termux
> maillist showing my patches and describing my problems with thread
> library.. But no answer so far..)
Termux sounds like fun but I am not brave enough to put it on my Android
phone ! It would probably work well on this old bigger tablet that never
gets used.

> 4) A "freelancer" has been tasked with working on BT #559 - the *fade/flash
>> bug* when using alpha in the Title Plugin and Dissolve Transition.  It
>> is not clear if this person is up to the challenge.
> I have some suspiction this 'flash' might  be related to asynchronious
> operation, So one frame arrives too late, or being inserted after main
> operation just finished (due to some shared codepath invocked
> unconditionally). But this is just guess.....

> I remembrer transition code was reworked to support multithreading at some
> point - was this bug present before this rework? Does this bug present in
> HV 7.x?
Thanks for the hint which I will pass along.  This bug as presented in the
Title plugin does not exist in HV 7.2; but the same bug that shows up in
the Dissolve transition does not show up in 7.2 because the Dissolve does
not even work there at all for the test case. The bug has been in CinGG
since at least March 2016 -- that is as far as I have gone back.

> 5) *Histogram plugin* changes from HV 7.3 to include the option *for
>> seeing Luma onl*y besides Color (I am struggling with this because the
>> differences between HV and GG are becoming so diverse, that I do not think
>> I will be able to sort it out).
> Is there any way to view hv 7.3 sources online?
Not as far as I know, but I will put the histogram files on our website
later today so you can read them there.  I had made mods to ours to get the
luma in and it kind of works, but not always and I have no idea if it works
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