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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun May 16 03:23:55 CEST 2021

Updated the Manual in GIT to include Georgy's documentation.  Andrea did the
formatting and if he gets time to check the formatting of the small parts
that I added,
that would be appreciated as he is a lot better at that and making it
Split the main Context Help section that Andrea formatted into 2 parts --
user part is in the Trouble.tex file and the programmer portion is in the
Developer.tex file.

> 1) Einther in Chapters_Overview.html, or in CINELERRA_GG_Overview.html -
> some short sentence like: "Furthemore, CGG provides the Context Help
> facility. A relevant section of CGG manual can be quickly recalled in a web
> browser window by pointing with mouse on the GUI item of interest and
> pressing the hotkey Alt/h, see Chapter 18 for more info".
Some wording like this was put in 2 places in the Introduction.tex file -
closer to the beginning in case users don't read very far and under the
description of Chapter 18.

Also added as a "Standard Feature" in Introduction.tex.  BUT, is it really
"standard"? or should it be "Innovative New Feature"?
*Do other NLE's *
*have easily available Help from the program? * I have never looked at
any others.

> 2) Perhaps in View_Listen.html (or in some other subsection of
> CINELERRA_GG_Quick_Start_Gu.html) - something like: "If you need more
> detailed information on a button or other particular GUI element than is
> contained in tooltips, press Alt/h hotkey and you get the HTML page in web
> browser with the documentation of the element being currently under mouse".
Similar wording put in 2 places in the Quickstart.tex file.

> 3) In How_see_short_Description_P.html - about the 4 possibilities of
> getting documentation on a plugin in the form of Context Help.
Added to the Plugins.tex file.

> 4) In Shuttle_key_default_arrange.html - "This page can be quickly
> requested
> from CGG by pressing both Alt keys (left and right) on keyboard followed by
> pressing any button on the Shuttle".
Added to the Editing.tex file.

> 5) Perhaps some tip(s) about Context Help could be added to the list for
> the
> 'Tip of the day' window.
This was checked into the source code GIT yesterday.  BUT the tips are
so it will only show up the first time and then again when it wraps
around.  The
user can always use the arrow keys to see a previous tip though.

> 6) Some phrase about Context Help facility might be added to the list of
> documentation sources on the web page
> https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/downloads/#documentation

I have not done this yet because I am not sure where I want it to go and I
a lot when using WordPress.

> Another addition for the Context Help documentation, for completeness, I
> have added as note to BT568 in reply to user fary54: how to configure some
> selected browsers to get Context Help pages displayed in same browser tab
> rather than in new tabs for each new Alt/h request, I cite this:
This is in Trouble.tex (basically as cited).

Other additions:
1) in the Shortcuts.tex file I mentioned the "hotkey Alt/h" in the
 verbage because in reality it is a shortcut to get to the manual page.
2) in Developer.tex file, I added "what about localization", "why using
local html files, and small details about "Context_Help.pl".

I plan to proofread again tomorrow what I checked in because I kept
making editing mistakes in vi.      ...Phyllis
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