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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed May 12 19:52:31 CEST 2021

Igor, you are right.  I have shortened the message.

> In "Tip of the Day" 4 lines of text are too much, I think. It is better
> only 2 lines. Less is More for and User.
> My english is not good but I would write something as
> *********************************************
> Move the mouse's pointer on a item and press ALT+h shortcut
> to open the Context HELP in your default browser.
> ***************************************************
> So an User read quickly and eventually try.
> Is the green text "Welcome to CinGG - Use ALT+h for Context HELP." only
> for that theme or for all themes?
> Note that I have written the words ALT and HELP in capital letters because
> they immediately catch the eye.
 Again, you are right.  It would be green for all themes and did not always
show well.  I went back to the way it was because that makes it white or
some themes and black for other light colored themes.  Also, capitalized
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