[Cin] New release of AppImage's with Alt/h hotkey

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon May 31 23:41:51 CEST 2021

End of the month new release with the Alt/h hotkey Context Help by SGE.
(Still thrilled by this!)
There are "version update" tags on GIT for both the Source Code and the
Newer distros use for CinGG:

Older distros use for CinGG:


*Self Builders take note of a new requirement t*o include this new Context
Help feature.
So for people who do their own builds, there is the matching Manual version
in the same directory:
You will have to download and place the untarred files in your designated
cinelerre/bin/doc directory.
If you need more details look at:

I still have the WordPress News to update and the link for Help on the new
Context Help.

---------------------------------------- Text copy of new Release Notes
GIT for Cinelerra-GG has the following changes from 04/01/2021-05/31/2021

Context Help is now included as provided by SGE, aka Georgy, which was a
very complicated and
  extensive program code addition that is very easy for the user to take
advantage of simply by using
  the mouse over a window, button, plugin, tooltip and then pressing the
Alt + h keys at the same time.
Please refer to the CinelerraGG_Manual section on Troubleshooting and Help
for details. You can also
  refer to implementation notes as included in the Bug Tracker issue #568.
Tag will be added to GIT for Manual, just like GIT for source.

Because the release is now an AppImage, 6 of the OpenCV plugins have been
added to the default
  CinelerraGG instance ONLY in the newer distros AppImage. These are
findobj, flowobj, gaborojb,
  movobj, puzzleobj, and stylizeobj.
Spanish translation updates for the po and the tips files provided by
ExportEDL option in the File pulldown has been removed as it is not
generating correct CMX 3600
code. BT #334 contains additional information.
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