[Cin] Updated CinGG release for downloading the AppImage

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 19:47:11 CET 2021

Terje, I have not been following this thread very closely, but have a
couple of comments.

> A minor visual notice, why differ the Render button geometries between
> my two workstations with the same, latest Cin-GG appimage installation?
> See the attached screenshot,  the top Render window with square and
> round buttons vs the bottom Render window with romb buttons.
Your 2 different workstations have 2 different $HOME/.bcast5 so you must
have set one to "S.U.V" and the other to "unflat" in Settings->Preferences,
Appearance tab, theme selection in top left hand corner.

> I think it could be useful if it is possible to add some overview
> table(s) i.e in the manual section FFmpeg Format Options inside
> That is, valid and Standard Profiles with Compression and Pixels
> properties for actual purposes and media, that works for Cin-GG and
> Cin-GG multibit respectively?
Andrea, do you want to add this or should I try?
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