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On Saturday, November 13, 2021, Terje J. Hanssen <terjejhanssen at gmail.com>

> Den 10.11.2021 00:39, skrev Andrew Randrianasulu:
>> On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, Terje J. Hanssen via Cin <
>> cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org <mailto:cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>> wrote:
>>     As this source file is a 10-bit 422 video with pcm audio, I think
>>     the following render setup could fit automatic:
>>     Setting Format: rgb(a)-float color model
>>     Render File Format: FFMPEG mp4
>>     Video compression: h264-10bit.mp4 user opti. h265-10bit.mp4
>>     Pixels : yuv422p10le
>>     Bitrate: ?
>>     Quality: ?
>>     Preset: Medium default w/i.e user purpose adjustment faster/slower
>>     Audio: would it be possible and compliant to have the option to
>>     just copy the source PCM audio?
>> well, I do not think cinelerra can just pass original audio untouched (
>> May be this can be coded, but IMO Cin's main focus was on re-processing
>> input audio and video, not just cutting. Also, input sources for one
>> session can vary... {this one is less of problem, just so far there is no
>> 'guess' table that can be used for setting up parameters from already-known
>> at encoding time session params}. Maybe encoding profiles can be used for
>> this, need to look..
> Possibly I thought merely on just "ffmpeg first input" and "ffmpeg output"
> (and Cin just as a gui front end).

yeah... I posted link to python script supposedly (if I read desc.
correctly!) cutting files according to edl. Now one might try it and
assemble resulting clips by another ffmpeg command..

> Regarding uncompressed PCM audio, FFMPEG looks to not support PCM in MP4;
> I read only Sony had a solution for that.

heh, it seems one can research this field for day and night)

> ---------
> However I got FFMPEG to copy PCM when I transmuxed to MKV container at the
> same time as the video part was transcoded to x265:


> ffmpeg -i hd01.mov -c:a copy -c:v libx265 hd01_pcm_x265.mkv
> du -sh hd01.mov hd01_pcm_x265.mkv
> 1,7G    hd01.mov
> 176M    hd01_pcm_x265.mkv
> ----------
> ffmpeg -i dv01.dv -c:a copy -c:v libx265 dv01_pcm_x265.mkv
> du -sh dv01.dv dv01_pcm_x265.mkv
> 2,0G    dv01.dv
> 209M    dv01_pcm_x265.mkv
> ------------------------
>>     (Another one for "home-made HD videos" on Blu-ray discs (BDAV):
>>     Will it be possible to record (copy) source 1080iHDV.m2t files
>>     (video and audio) to the BD-R(E) discs?)
>> I was thinking about integrating tsMuxer but this does not solve problem
>> about unavailability of pre-encoded packets in cin's vframe for mpeg2..
>> Probably BC_COMPRESSED  type should be split for mjpeg/dv/mpeg2/h264 types
>> but this is larger rework than I can attempt from tablet ...
>> If tsMuxer (or another dedicated utility) could author a BDAV Blu-Ray for
> burning on BD-RE disk (and DVD-R), this could make it possible to preserve
> and test playabilty compliance of DV SD and MPEG-2 HD(V) streams content on
> the same disc, as described in these papers:
> Blu-ray Disc, Rewritable Format, Audio Visual Application Format
> Specifications for BD-RE Version 2.1, March 2008:
> Figure Stream file and Clip Information file for DV in BDAV
> directory
> http://www.blu-raydisc.com/Assets/Downloadablefile/BD-RE_Par
> t3_V2.1_WhitePaper_080406-15271.pdf
> Blu-ray Disc Association. UDF2.5. 25/50GB. BDAV. As of December 2016.
> ROM4.0. Ultra HD Blu-ray™. ROM. Part3. V3.1. ROM. Part2. V2.0. ROM. Part1.
> V2.0. BDMV.
> http://www.blu-raydisc.info/docs/Spec_Info/AllBooksDecember2016.pdf

well, if you have player (or friend(s) with player(s)) you can try for


i think they have pre-compiled version. Be aware in tsmuxer context DV
usually mean Dolby Vision, not dv as dv video codec.

> Terje J. H
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