[Cin] FLAC audio files as resource creates skips

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sun Nov 14 16:26:31 CET 2021

I have a very odd situation. I put a FLAC 44.1kHz into a project with 48kHz 
audio. I have noticed two things;

 1. the playback does not match the timeline marker.
 2. for some extremely odd reason the file skips to a different part.

With ffmpeg I have converted the file to a plain wave (44.1kHz), which does 
not employ these issues. From the screenshot you can see there are some 
vertical 'empty' lines where the skip likely occurs.

Is there a way to transfer the audio of this project to someone to 
investigate in private for a bug report, without getting the copyright 
police on our backs?

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