[Cin] FLAC audio files as resource creates skips

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 20:10:26 CET 2021

> I have a very odd situation. I put a FLAC 44.1kHz into a project with
> 48kHz
> audio. I have noticed two things;
>  1. the playback does not match the timeline marker.
>  2. for some extremely odd reason the file skips to a different part.
I can not duplicate the problem with a flac 44.1 and mp3 48.

> Is there a way to transfer the audio of this project to someone to
> investigate in private for a bug report, without getting the copyright
> police on our backs?
> I don't think the problem is the copyright police because in the past, we
were able to use a private dropbox to share the file with a specific person
for a very limited time and after the problem was determined, made sure to
delete that file on our computers.
The "real" problem is finding someone to do the investigation and
analysis.   ...Phyllis
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