[Cin] arm emulation on qemu links

mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Thu Nov 18 15:05:43 CET 2021

On Mon, 15 Nov 2021 17:14:28 +0300
Andrew Randrianasulu <randrianasulu at gmail.com> wrote:

> thanks a lot for detailed writeup! (currently am a bit short on
> storage for trying proot-distro - with normal glibc and such, as
> opposed to termux/android bionic libc.)

Some more info:
- I was wrong about the needed disk space. The virtual disk is not
  dynamic like on VirtualBox. If you say it is 30G, it will allocate
  30G. Until now, with the CinGG build failing quite early, it uses
  7.4G of the allocated space. Because a simple ./bld.sh on Fedora
  produces 3Gs, you might be OK with 12G or even less.
  You can find the used space with "du -BM <virtual-disk-filename>" .

- It works here fine now with GUI, I use the XFCE desktop. You have to
  configure both host and client, as follows, using virt-manager VM
  Details view, then via the "Add hardware" at bottom right:
	- add usb keyboard
	- add usb mouse
	- add Graphics (this is the host side of the clients graphical
	  output), type Display: Spice, Listen type: Address, address:
          Hypervisor default. Do not select OpenGL.
	- Add video (client side graphical interface). There are 5
	  types, all work, but Ramfb has a fixed format of 800x600.
	  Have not done any measurements, QXL seems slightly quicker to
          react to kbd input (typing). I use virtio. if you select
          virtio, deselect 3D acceleration (GL). Would be nice if it
          works, but it did not here; maybe it works if the system has
          a later GL version.
	- Once the GUI is running, you can change its resolution (in
	  XFCE via the "display" settings), but unlike VirtualBox, it
          is not picked up automatically: in virt-manager, do
          "View->Resize to VM"
	- For sound, add the ICH6 or ICH9 sound card, AC97 does not
	  work. "pavucontrol" reports line out and line in, but playing
	  a Youtube video shows output, but the host gets none of it.
	- Have not attempted file sharing between host and client yet.
	  For serious work this would be better that smb. (and the
	  latter I do not have working yet either). usb
	  passthrough not tested yet, could also be useful for file
	- Cut-and-paste between host and client not working so far.

  The emulation (7 of the 8 host threads) is a _lot_ slower than running
  "native" but workable for compiling. Firefox is pretty unusable.
  Anyway, should be enough to find arm64 build problems.

Have fun, MatN

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