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> > thanks a lot for detailed writeup! (currently am a bit short on
> > storage for trying proot-distro - with normal glibc and such, as
> > opposed to termux/android bionic libc.)
> >
> Some more info:
> - I was wrong about the needed disk space. The virtual disk is not
>   dynamic like on VirtualBox. If you say it is 30G, it will allocate
>   30G.

there must be type of disk, qcow(2), raw, etc.. qcow2 supposed to be

>  Until now, with the CinGG build failing quite early, it uses
>   7.4G of the allocated space. Because a simple ./bld.sh on Fedora
>   produces 3Gs, you might be OK with 12G or even less.
>   You can find the used space with "du -BM <virtual-disk-filename>" .
> - It works here fine now with GUI, I use the XFCE desktop. You have to
>   configure both host and client, as follows, using virt-manager VM
>   Details view, then via the "Add hardware" at bottom right:
>         - add usb keyboard
>         - add usb mouse
>         - add Graphics (this is the host side of the clients graphical
>           output), type Display: Spice, Listen type: Address, address:
>           Hypervisor default. Do not select OpenGL.
>         - Add video (client side graphical interface). There are 5
>           types, all work, but Ramfb has a fixed format of 800x600.
>           Have not done any measurements, QXL seems slightly quicker to
>           react to kbd input (typing). I use virtio. if you select
>           virtio, deselect 3D acceleration (GL). Would be nice if it
>           works, but it did not here; maybe it works if the system has
>           a later GL version.

it was working for me on opengl 3.3 hardware (nvidia g92 / nouveau)
for x86-64 guest..

>         - Once the GUI is running, you can change its resolution (in
>           XFCE via the "display" settings), but unlike VirtualBox, it
>           is not picked up automatically: in virt-manager, do
>           "View->Resize to VM"
>         - For sound, add the ICH6 or ICH9 sound card, AC97 does not
>           work. "pavucontrol" reports line out and line in, but playing
>           a Youtube video shows output, but the host gets none of it.
>         - Have not attempted file sharing between host and client yet.
>           For serious work this would be better that smb. (and the
>           latter I do not have working yet either).

> I think I had nfs set up on (x86) host for some x86 guests..

> usb
>           passthrough not tested yet, could also be useful for file
>           sharing.
>         - Cut-and-paste between host and client not working so far.
>   The emulation (7 of the 8 host threads) is a _lot_ slower than running
>   "native" but workable for compiling. Firefox is pretty unusable.
>   Anyway, should be enough to find arm64 build problems.

thanks again. Hopefully problems will be not overwhelming.

are you running into config.guess in some old thirdparty libs not knowing
about aarch64?

> Have fun, MatN
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