[Cin] arm/termux series (possibly broken on x86)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 17:30:08 CET 2021

Checked into GIT just now:
1) MatN improvement to configure.ac with CPUS=nproc
2) more Andrew mostly related to Termux on Android from RANDRIK19
- 0003-libzmpeg-TERMUX-ifdefs.patch  (0004 randrik18)
- added new file blds/termux.bld which was previously named my_config in
the following patches:
    a) 0031-configure-script-specially-for-termux.patch
    b) 0034-additions-to-my_configure.patch
    c) 0047-add-with-booby-and-without-ladspa-build-to-my_config.patc
    d) 0049-with-booby-demands-execinfo.h.patch
    e) 0064-Can-be-built-with-dv-fireware.patch
 - 0040-fix-fireware-typo-in-cinelerra-Makefile.patch  (0049 randrik18)
 - 0041-more-fix-to-firewire-objs.patch  (0050 randrik18)

- 0004-Add-libzmpeg-ifdef-in-fileac3-move-fireware-objects-.patch BUT
changed #if HAVE_LIBZMPEG to #ifdef HAVE_LIBZMPEG BECAUSE that is what
file.C and formatpopup.C used.  ???
- 0066-Fix-libzmpeg3-x86-ifdefs-again.patch (randrik18)  BUT CONFLICT
0016-Fix-libzmpeg.h-x86-ifdef.patch (randrik19) BECAUSE that is the way it
was done in commercials.h, dbwindow.h, and mediadb.h.   ???
- 0006-more-ifdefs-for-file.C-ac3-demand-libzmpeg.patch FROM RANDRIK18 has
no equivalent in RANDRIK19 so did not add???

I think that is all added -- trying to finish up TERMUX related mods.

Yes, please change it to
>         CPUS=nproc

> FreeBSD does not build as-is, e.g. it uses gmake which doesn't exist
> on FreeSD version 13. nproc needs an alias but that is easy done in the
> bsd.bld file. FreeBSD is also very limited in included options, like
> is excludes all of thirdparty. I wonder if that is still
> relevant, for example I did see LV2 plugins for FreeBSD. Was it
> downloaded a lot when there still was a FreeBSD version, or put it
> another way, is the effort useful to resurrect it?
Not sure if need to update to version 13 but version 12 of BSD should still
work.  It would be nice for someone to look into this as there was a
contact there who was tasked with working it.  The last time contacted, he
did not respond so may have moved on.

> All builds report during configure time that with gcc -V or clang -V
> the upper case -V is not known; it probably tries to retrieve the
> version number. In both cases, lower case -v gives the version number.
> I did see a while ago a msg about outdated configure.ac . Maybe that
> would help, I'll see what I can find.
Thank you -- let us know if you find anything that can be improved.

> I don't know whether freeBSD or macOS would be good platforms for
> CinGG, but (trying) to build for other platforms is a good way to weed
> out hidden problems.
Absolutely agree!
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