[Cin] arm/termux series (possibly broken on x86)

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 17:50:13 CET 2021

On Thursday, November 18, 2021, Phyllis Smith via Cin <
cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org> wrote:

> Checked into GIT just now:
> 1) MatN improvement to configure.ac with CPUS=nproc
> 2) more Andrew mostly related to Termux on Android from RANDRIK19
> - 0003-libzmpeg-TERMUX-ifdefs.patch  (0004 randrik18)
> - added new file blds/termux.bld which was previously named my_config in
> the following patches:
>     a) 0031-configure-script-specially-for-termux.patch
>     b) 0034-additions-to-my_configure.patch
>     c) 0047-add-with-booby-and-without-ladspa-build-to-my_config.patc
>     d) 0049-with-booby-demands-execinfo.h.patch
>     e) 0064-Can-be-built-with-dv-fireware.patch
>  - 0040-fix-fireware-typo-in-cinelerra-Makefile.patch  (0049 randrik18)
>  - 0041-more-fix-to-firewire-objs.patch  (0050 randrik18)
> - 0004-Add-libzmpeg-ifdef-in-fileac3-move-fireware-objects-.patch BUT
> changed #if HAVE_LIBZMPEG to #ifdef HAVE_LIBZMPEG BECAUSE that is what
> file.C and formatpopup.C used.  ???

ooops, i hope yoou are correct, will try to update/rebuild locally soon..

- 0066-Fix-libzmpeg3-x86-ifdefs-again.patch (randrik18)  BUT CONFLICT
> 0016-Fix-libzmpeg.h-x86-ifdef.patch (randrik19) BECAUSE that is the way
> it was done in commercials.h, dbwindow.h, and mediadb.h.   ???

I think I tried to fix it like in previously-failing-but-fixed-by-MatN
series you checked in few days before, then reverted and applied fixed
verzion. So yes, it should be in same style as other x86 ifdefs..

- 0006-more-ifdefs-for-file.C-ac3-demand-libzmpeg.patch FROM RANDRIK18 has
> no equivalent in RANDRIK19 so did not add???

may be patch already upstream? try to build without libzmpeg??

> I think that is all added -- trying to finish up TERMUX related mods.

there were two new mjpegtools related patches...

> Yes, please change it to
>>         CPUS=nproc
> Done.
>> FreeBSD does not build as-is, e.g. it uses gmake which doesn't exist
>> on FreeSD version 13. nproc needs an alias but that is easy done in the
>> bsd.bld file. FreeBSD is also very limited in included options, like
>> is excludes all of thirdparty. I wonder if that is still
>> relevant, for example I did see LV2 plugins for FreeBSD. Was it
>> downloaded a lot when there still was a FreeBSD version, or put it
>> another way, is the effort useful to resurrect it?
> Not sure if need to update to version 13 but version 12 of BSD should
> still work.  It would be nice for someone to look into this as there was
> a contact there who was tasked with working it.  The last time contacted,
> he did not respond so may have moved on.
>> All builds report during configure time that with gcc -V or clang -V
>> the upper case -V is not known; it probably tries to retrieve the
>> version number. In both cases, lower case -v gives the version number.
>> I did see a while ago a msg about outdated configure.ac . Maybe that
>> would help, I'll see what I can find.
> Thank you -- let us know if you find anything that can be improved.
>> I don't know whether freeBSD or macOS would be good platforms for
>> CinGG, but (trying) to build for other platforms is a good way to weed
>> out hidden problems.
> Absolutely agree!
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