[Cin] Formats and Codecs in CinGG

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 01:32:56 CET 2021

Den 15.11.2021 15:18, skrev Andrea paz via Cin:
> I present a first draft to create Appendix section about formats and 
> codecs supported by CinGG. I don't know DV; DVD; BLU RAY and RAW 
> formats. If anyone uses them and can provide better info, it would be 
> my pleasure. Also the info on MOV as a good format for editing I have 
> only read and not understood well. Are they correct? Corrections, 
> additions and advice are welcome. The bigger question is: is it worth 
> stretching the already big manual with this section? [NOTE: is not 
> what Terje requested; I'm not sure how to implement those tables. If 
> you can write them, then I'll transpose them into Latex...]

@ Andrea

Thank you. My feedback is that your Appendix draft is a very good 
overview of file formats and codecs supported by CinGG.
I've read it twice and think I have already learned more ;)

I think many users with me, have been more or less confused or unsure 
that the fileformat really is the container, which again offers 
different codecs (compression), bit depth (pr samle), pixels (color 
depth), bitrate and quality. Additional there are presets for codecs and 
compression levels (x26x, time, qualities).

A minor comment: Is the AAC M4A audio format of interest to add on the 
audio format list?

Dedicated File>BD Render and DVD Render standard video formats has been 
tested to work according to the manual. If useful some additonal format 
specifications may be found in wikipedia or other sources.

HDV -> Blu-ray
Wikipedia HDV/Distributing say
* For consumer use, HDV-sourced video can be delivered on a Blu-ray Disc 
without re-encoding
* can be converted to AVCHD and delivered on an AVCHD disc
* or can be downconverted to DVD-Video.

The first option is of special interest to get HDV.M2T from HDV tapes to 
Blu-ray Disc Without Re-encoding for preserving the HDV sources.
I think this has to be a BDAV plain' format that is intended for home 
video with no interactivity. A BDAV disc is basically video on a disc. 
Content on a BDAV disc is playable on a Blu-ray Disc player from 
beginning to end.

As discussed previously, it is possible to transcode HDV.M2T audio to 
AC3 with ffmpeg first, render and burn a BDMV disc format.

@Andrea and Phyllis

Because of several encoding variables to opt and combine, test and 
possibly fail, I began to think it might be easier and safer if it is 
possible to ready-make preset render profiles for most useful work? Then 
it could also be easier to make comparisions of render profiles based on 
their content in tables or not.

I aggree the full table feature support in AVC profiles is very 
complicated. My intention was to look at its first (three top) lines 
just as an principle example regarding Profile names, Bit depth, Chroma 
formats and so complement with codecs, bitrate etc relevant for 
CinGG/ffmpeg. Possibly pure text descriptions may work as well as 
overview comparison.

Terje J. H

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