[Cin] arm/termux series (possibly broken on x86)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 18:15:52 CET 2021

Checked into GIT this morning.

> 0009-attempt-to-fix-_probe-function-memory-leak.patch = yes
> 0010-additional-XOpenIM-call-in-bcwindowbase.C.patch = yes
> 0042-fix-typos-in-libdv-ifdefs-in-livevideo.patch = yes

> now lets try to define minimal patchset...
so, in summary...

> try 2-10, 16, 21, 40-42
> may be 38, 54
Minimal patchset has all been checked into GIT after very minimal testing
on my part. EXCEPT for 54 because there are very many mjpegtools patches
that precede it and I can not tell if there will be user impact for
non-Termux builds and not sure how to adequately test.

*Concerns for Andrew *on these 3 sets of patches:
? 0009 ? is freeing this frame always safe or what if it does not exist? I
am thinking it would have already crashed if it is empty.
? 0010 ? does XSetLocaleModifiers affect future locale settings that might
cause issues ? or is it just temporary?
? 0042 ? I changed all of the "if HAVE_DVf" to "ifdef HAVE_LIBDV" because
that is what is used everywhere else ?
? 0054 ?  +  12, 14, 20, 35 ? is there a really good set of tests for
patches in mjpegtools which I have not added in yet ?
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