[Cin] Formats and Codecs in CinGG

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 02:29:57 CET 2021

Den 20.11.2021 09:40, skrev Andrea paz:
>> By adding extra codecs after the official distro installation:
>> ffmpeg -v quiet -codecs | grep aac
>>    DEAIL. aac                  AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) (decoders: aac
>> aac_fixed libfdk_aac ) (encoders: aac libfdk_aac )
>>    D.AIL. aac_latm             AAC LATM (Advanced Audio Coding LATM syntax)
> Good to know! So if ffmpeg present in CinGG supports AAC, just make
> presets to be able to use them.

Yes, I think so. The output above was from my openSUSE system's ffmpeg 
after adding multimedia codecs and enabled applications following the 
unofficial guide:

>> Where did you see the latter preset? (I think it is DV SD on Blu-ray).
> Sorry for my ignorance on Blu Ray and DV/HDV. The presets I found are
> in the attached bluray-DV.jpg image.
> Instead, the presets of Andrew that you have indicated, are perhaps
> those in the image bluray-HDV.jpg?

Yes, FHD, HDV and SD DV are identified here by their standard pixel 
resolution, frame rate and interlaced or progressive video.

> I can't find any HDV or similar.

Compare also with Settings>Format window's Presets up to the left (where 
HDV and DV are listed for the Import video)

> Do you only use "Create BD" or "Create DVD" to make a BD/DVD, and not
> the presets found in the rendering window? [FFMPEG --> mt2s -->
> "wrench" --> bluray_dv_pal(ntsc).mt2s]
> What is the purpose of the latter?

I think I have tested both methods, mostly in 2016/201, and just a few 
later.  (Beside I have digitized several analog S-video to DV video 
files and recorded them to BD-R data discs as backup. I have at least 
20-30 of each Hi8 and HDV tapes left).

I could not find manual documentation for the presets. So possibly 
Andrew with better knowledge may step in here and explain better?

I will just add that It possible to render various .m2ts files, test 
mediainfo and playback using a media player like VLC.
As known a Blu-ray player device need a standard Blu-ray disc directory 
structure (bdwrite) for playback, i.e

tree -h bd_20161216-153642

├── [183M]  bd.m2ts
├── [ 394]  bd.sh
├── [191M]  bd.udfs
├── [5.3K]  bd.xml
└── [4.0K]  udfs

1 directory, 4 files

While DVD use MPEG-2, I cannot see MPEG-2 with high bitrate for SD DV 
(or HDV) on Blu-ray is possible?

Terje J. H

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