[Cin] Run And Integrate Cinelerra AppImage With AppImageLauncher

mat mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Sun Oct 3 20:49:14 CEST 2021

On Sun, 2021-10-03 at 10:50 -0600, Phyllis Smith via Cin wrote:
> MatN:
> > What is this cin.svg stuff? It is not in the current
> > README.appimage.
> cin.svg is in the source code under image/cin.svg -- it was created
> as an icon when users wanted to hook up the cinelerra startup with an
> icon that could just be clicked on to launch the program instead of
> previously having to keyin ./bin/cin (or whatever).

Thanks, understood. Note that that icon is likely now part of the
AppImage (AppDir directory).
> > On another note, on my Mint 20 system, each start of the AppImage
> > rebuilds the plugin index, even though the file is in .bcast5.

Ah no, that is a different one. I am talking about rebuilding
file Cinelerra_plugins each time CinGG starts. Currently that takes >
2.5 minutes on my Mint 20.2 (which is why it has some priority for me),
on Manjaro it works fine: after first build, a new CinGG start does not
re-build that LV2 index it unless you tell it to.


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