[Cin] offtopic: Digitize and record Video with A/D USB adapters

mat mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Mon Sep 27 21:44:56 CEST 2021

I just plugged in my UCA202, and the system (Mint 20.2 XFCE)
immediately recognized it. It shows up in the audio mixer (pavucontrol)
as an extra input device and extra output device, both as "PCM2902
Audio Codec Analog Stereo".

Output from CinGG goes fine, as soon as plug it in, audio out switches
to the UCA202 instead of line out.

For input, he only source I have currently has low output level (-15
dB), but I see signal coming in in the audio mixer "input devices" tab.
This could be because line in normally is 1V for 0dB, and the old aux
in on audio equipment was 100 mV.

As ALSA input device it shows here up in CinGG's recording setting as
"USB Audio CODEC #0". But you must use PulseAudio for recording, else
it was very intermittent (and CinGG with ALSA config tab  doesn't
recognise the device has gone if you unplug it).

I set up CinGG to record audio only/create resource only, but recording
is not always OK with ALSA. I could get a properly recorded file once,
other times not. With PulseASudio it worked fine.
The audio mixer should show recording programs too and it did only if
CinGG was set to PulseAudio. Also, with Alsa, CinGG's terminal shows a
write buffer error each 2048 samples if you enable "monitor audio" so
there might be something wrong there (bug), and I did not see the
audio, also not on the audio meter window. With PulseAudio it was Ok
These might be bugs in CinGG, but anyway, use PulseAudi for audio
recording and you should be  fine.


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