[Cin] HDV with PCM audio as Blu-ray video burned to BD-RE discs

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 01:20:49 CET 2022

Den 09.12.2022 19:57, skrev Phyllis Smith:
> Working on bluray updated information and potential changes as I 
> finally got my bluray burner working again.
>     Else I suggest that the # comments in the manual should be kept to
>     explain what happends.
> I am not sure what the above is referring to.  It sounds like "the # 
> comments should be kept" means "no changes"?  If my interpretation is 
> incorrect, please provide detailed information so I do not miss 
> something.
>     And also how the mkudffs size was calculated.
> I have included the actual calculation in section 14 (not checked into 
> GIT yet) after the initial mention of mkudffs in the lines:
>     it creates an emptyfilesystem image <target>/bd.udfs using mkudffs
>     which makes a big hole forthe filesystem data. The hole is made
>     just a little bigger than the data writtenby bdwrite...
> Added line is:  "The actual calculation for the mkudffs size is 
> yourfile.m2ts size-in-bytes/2048 + 4096."
> In section 14.6, the calculation was already in the manual as:
>     du -sb /yourHDVfile.MTS         # Determine the size of your file
>     in bytes.
>     blocks=((size-in-bytes/2048 + 4096))    # Convert bytes into
>     blocks + a little more.
>     mkudffs /tmp/newfilename.udfs blocks    # Create a file with that
>     \# of blocks + some extra.

@ Phyllis
Yeah, my notices were more reminders - and not actually meant as manual 

I would suggest to make three sections in the manual - reflecting each 
common, legacy tape-based and current file based digital camcorder format.

1. DV to SD-Blu-ray video (re-encoding video to mpeg2, re-encoding DV 
LPCM audio to Blu-ray LPCM)
2. HDV to Blu-ray video (copying mpeg2 video, re-encoding MP2 audio to 
LPCM or AC-3)
3. AVCHD to Blu-ray video (copying H.264 video and AC-3 audio)

At least 1 and 2  bdwrite to create the udfs image to burn. And as most 
users nowadays are expected to install Cin-GG from Appimage, it will 
need an intro section how to enable bdwrite by mounting it from the 

I can help to suggest/edit/reading manual texts for 1 and 2 - with the 
format I have tested. Possibly we should not stress to get it finished 
this month(?)
And possibly we three should email this process directly outside the 
mailing list, or just post the finished text, you decide?

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