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сб, 17 дек. 2022 г., 00:11 Andrea paz via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>:

> From an answer by IgorBeg on the forum I learn that for 1:1 proxies,
> if you set the "scale factor," you have double scaling:
> "The size of your video is scaled down of the Scale factor but, then,
> it is rescaled up to the project format.
> For example, your format project is 1920x1080 and Proxy's Scale factor
> is 1/4, then your videos will be scaled down to 480x270 and then
> up-scaled to 1920x1080. For an old computer, this option is not
> recommended."
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is not this only true if you select 'rescaled to project size (ffmpeg

> I put this sentence in the manual, you tell me if it is okay.
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