[Cin] Fwd: libdv patch (was: Re: another patch series)

mat mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Sat Jan 8 08:27:49 CET 2022

No need to worry: I did not use "set -e", did not even know what it did
(I do now, thanks Andrew).

Andrew suggested to disable libaom and libdav1d, which solved the build
problem. I will try with libaom again.
There are still multiple "-k" errors, but they were there before (I
later remembered) and don't hinder the build process; they are related
to the "recursive" target.

Building takes long but I just pop in every hour or so to see how far
it got, so it does not required much "person time".
So, next things I want to try are (not in sequence):
- Do some testing in editing on aarch64.
- Can it build a AppImage too?
- Does it work if I enable libaom, with autoreconfig/automake? 
- Can I build a arm 32 bit version (because I have a small micro where
I can test that on). This requires some real time to set up the qemu
- Can it build on macOS 11 (BigSur, under qemu, macOS works there)?
This failed too because of the configure problems, there is at least
one other serious build problem there, no objcopy utilitity on the
HomeBrew package manager.
- Look at the FreeBSD build. Last time I looked there were problem
different from the config problems, but this config improvement surely
will help.

- Lesser problem: get cut-and-paste, file sharing and audio working on
qemu, that would saves real time, although probably not as much as I
spend fixing it :-)

See how far I get., but so far, a good start of the year!


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