[Cin] incorporated dvd/bluray corrections in manual

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 00:01:45 CET 2022

FINALLY made the corrections in the manual as you reported in email :
"EXPERIMENTAL: blu-ray lpcm profile + gui" which was dated Dec. 21 9:33AM.
I have not checked them into GIT yet, but attached is a description of your
corrections and how I fixed.  They will not show up online until the next
monthly release.

Thanks to everyone for reporting any needed fixes and please continue to do
so.  And thank you, Terje, because the Features5 manual upon which the
current manual is based was started upon your suggestion !!  I never forget
that.  ... Phyllis
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I want to highlight some paragraphs with reference to the manual section "DVD and Bluray Creation"

1) --------------
However there is a serious issue with interaction between the Operating System and bdwrite when creating a BD/blu-ray that requires automount to be turned off. Refer to the details and more specific explanations below the following steps for how to do this.

Blu-ray Workaround for Mount/Umount
------------- FIXED "Refer to the details..." by using label reference so you can go right there.

2) -------------
The max disk space needed is a little over 100GB for 50GB Double Layer (DL) media or 50GB for a single layer BD blu-ray. A standard SD of 4.7GB needs about 10GB disk space. You probably can get by with much less if the render for blu-ray is less than 25 hours of media. You will need twice as much disk space as the media holds to ensure you have sufficient space for working and copying.

2 also), but not sure if I am supposed to change anything in this paragraph)
For blu-ray, the filesystem generation is slightly harder. First, it creates an empty filesystem image <target>/bd.udfs using mkudffs which makes a big hole for the filesystem data. The hole is made just a little bigger than the data written by bdwrite so that you don't have to write an entire 25GB or 50GB disc even if no data exists. This empty filesystem is loopback mounted to make it writable, and the linux kernel manages the filesystem image. The bdwrite program applies the blu-ray structure to the UDF filesystem by creating the needed BDMV blu-ray filesystem, which the kernel stores onto the image file bd.udfs. When udfs is unmounted, the kernel finalizes the disk image on bd.udfs. The bd.udfs image can be written directly to a blu-ray disk via dd or growisofs.

I've used test files much smaller than the 50GB capacity BD-RE DL disc.
Cin-GG uses /tmp as default for BD rendering, where I have 27G available space before rendering:

df -h /tmp
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/nvme0n1p3   40G   11G   27G  30% /
--------------- FIXED by starting out with "The amount of data you have to render determines the amount..."
--------------- AND adding "need twice as much disk space as will be written on the media..."

3) -----------
Be aware that the CINELERRA-GG program will be totally shutdown AFTER the batch jobs finish. Screenshot below shows BD blu-ray creation with 2 batch jobs queued up and ready to go.
--------------- FIXED deleted "Screenshot below shows BD blu-ray creation with..." since in next sentence.
--------------- AND changed wording on line discussing the 2 figures.


4) -------------
Blu-ray Media

For rewritable blu-ray (recommended) (BD-RE):

Note: unwritten (virgin) media must be formatted first using
* This info is missing within step 9 in the beginning of this chapter (equivalent to K3b quick format)

dvd+rw-format /dev/bd   #only done once and does not take very long
--------------- FIXED by adding what you stated.

5) ------------
To write or rewrite rewritable blu-ray media:

cd /TargetDirectory/bd_20150820-093747/
dd if=./bd.udfs of=/dev/bd bs=2048000    #the growisofs command below also works

 To write blu-ray write-once media: (BD-R) (no pre-formatting needed):

cd /TargetDirectory/bd_20150820-093747/
growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/bd=./bd.udfs
-------------- FIXED both places to use "/<target directory>bd\_(or dvd\_)<date-time>" instead of hard-coded date
-------------- BUT step 8 already has the "cd" change directory line so do not want to repeat"

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