[Cin] Crash on playback

Mark Goldberg marklgoldberg at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 18:20:33 CET 2022

I have an RHEL8 system and wanted support for vdpau playback. The appimage
does not seem to work, dropping back to software playback. I downloaded the
Dec 31 2021 tarball and compiled it. It worked for a while but now it
crashes with the following when I hit the play button. There were some
system updates installed in the interim.

VFrame::allocate_data 518 could not attach shared memory, 930x523 (model 6)
shmall = 18446744073692774399
shmmax = 18446744073692774399
shmmni = 4096
shmused = 50173032 (6 items)
shmother = 4870728 (8 items)
Mutex::lock: Success
Mutex::unlock: Invalid argument


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