[Cin] Typoes in documentation and possibly errors in FFmpeg config dir

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 02:49:00 CET 2022

GIT checkin of the manual changes (to include Terje's DVD/Blu-ray fixes)
has been done.
GIT source code checkin to add the correctly named aac256k.pro and delete
the incorrectly named acc256k.pro is complete.
Thank you Miroslav as it has been wrong since at least July 2016 and thanks
Andrea for making sure I fix the source code too or I would have failed to
do so.

@Miroslav Rovis
> Thanks for pointing out the error; I've changed the manual, but if
> anyone notices other sections with the wrong "acc", please let me
> know.
> The git introduction to the "Overview on Formats and Codecs" section
> can be found here:
> https://git.cinelerra-gg.org/git/?p=goodguy/cin-manual-latex.git;a=commit;h=a5d793d4b19799c05f4179a79a0843e6b7fe50c9
> Subsequently, there were other corrections.
> @Phyllis
> You also need to change the preset name "acc256k.pro" to "aac256k.pro"
> in the source code.
> I attach the changes in the manual.
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