[Cin] Feature discussion for linear editing

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sat Jan 22 23:22:52 CET 2022

Recently I found a very nice introduction on linear editing for multi-cam. 
I finally understood how it should work in Cinelerra GG. But it is not 
intuitive, I would like to propose two things that could make multi-cam 
editing much more user friendly.


1. As you can see from the video, multi-cam works by clicking on a Mixer. 
Completely counter intuitive towards anyone that works with a switcher 
(atem and likes) it adds video from the undecided point up to the current 
position when clicked on the mixer. This would be a feature request that I 
wonder why nobody asked for this: implement this in the opposite way. You 
click on a mixer A, then the timeline gets filled with that mixer (visible, 
or underwater). If you click on mixer B, the timeline is computed with the 
part 0 to timeline current position with Mixer A, and having Mixer B as 
start position.

2. Now you have set up your rough cut. What you would actually want is the 
ability to fine tune. I would like to have a drag handle functionality that 
would be able to modify the cut position. It should be able to move to left 
or right. The limits of this operation are bound by the source videos. One 
can move to the left beyond the left video, but only up to the point that 
the right video has data. The same goes for the move towards right. At this 
moment you can never get this right with trimming or extending, especially 
not when there is an audio track to match it below. Hence I think this 
function would benefit every editor. (feature-mouse.png)

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