[Cin] Feature discussion for linear editing

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sun Jan 23 10:49:58 CET 2022

On Sunday, January 23, 2022 2:44:30 AM CET, Phyllis Smith via Cin wrote:
> It was probably programmed the way it is, because its usage was where you
> had multiple video recordings from different angles at the same time and
> the user wanted to pick the best one at that particular place.  Like when
> recording a band playing with 3 cameras placed at different spots in the
> venue.  Possibly your suggestion could be an alternative methodology but as
> for "If you click on mixer B, the timeline is computed with the part 0 to
> timeline current position with Mixer A", it might be very difficult to keep
> track of each tracks "part 0" as it changes to "part next start".

I think functionally it is:

var currertMixer = first mixer
var currentStart = timelinePosition (or 0)
display in the compositor currentMixer

while mixing:
  if any mixer is clicked or end mixer:
    timeline_track append currentMixer(currentStart, timelinePosition)
    currentMixer = mixer
    currentstart = timelinePosition

>> 2. Now you have set up your rough cut. What you would actually want is the
>> ability to fine tune. I would like to have a drag handle functionality
>> that
>> would be able to modify the cut position. It should be able to move to
>> left ...
> Maybe I do not understand, but there is a drag handle (in Cut and Paste
> editing mode) for fine tuning and it can be cut/moved from left or right.
> I tried to demonstrate this in:
>    https://streamable.com/zfeuka
> The one thing missing per your suggestion though is for it to not go past
> where there is data.  You should be able to use the drag handle to get
> exactly where you want to be by watching the Compositor window and then
> when you stop dragging, all of the small mixer windows update to that exact
> point.

I think in the movie you exactly show what goes wrong ;) At 0:42 you extend 
"Belle" this causes "dog" to move in time. If dog was aligned with the 
audio it is now completely unaligned. The modifier I am looking for would 
move the start position of the "dog" clip to the new end position of 
"Belle" clip, where the offset within the "dog" clip is changed with the 
same time, still aligning it with the tracks below.

[A 1 2 B][B 3 4 D] => [A 1 2 3 C][C 4 D] 


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