[Cin] Feature discussion for linear editing

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Mon Jan 24 10:08:22 CET 2022

Stefan wrote:
> Recently I found a very nice introduction on linear editing for 
> multi-cam. I finally understood how it should work in Cinelerra GG. 
> But it is not intuitive, I would like to propose two things that could 
> make multi-cam editing much more user friendly.
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOMKP4Jgzw8>
> 1. As you can see from the video, multi-cam works by clicking on a 
> Mixer. Completely counter intuitive towards anyone that works with a 
> switcher (atem and likes) it adds video from the undecided point up to 
> the current position when clicked on the mixer. This would be a 
> feature request that I wonder why nobody asked for this: implement 
> this in the opposite way. You click on a mixer A, then the timeline 
> gets filled with that mixer (visible, or underwater). If you click on 
> mixer B, the timeline is computed with the part 0 to timeline current 
> position with Mixer A, and having Mixer B as start position.

I understand You, Stefan. Other NLE use a different workflow (see Adobe 
Premiere, Lightworks). When MultiCamera was born, Cinelerra-GG didn't 
have Align Mixer Feature and OpenMixers. You can see an old demo where 
You can understand how it works by "hand": 
And, I think, once You understand how it works it's not too bad.


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