[Cin] Feature discussion for linear editing

Pierre autourduglobe p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 03:02:05 CET 2022

Mr. Konink, Phyllis Smith's comment was not a joke... It is in fact a 
rather sad mention.

As she is rather discreet and reserved, I don't know if she will want to 
bring up this past.

The GG version of Cinelerra was for many years developed by her life 
partner, W.P. Morrow (GG) who spent (with her) most of his time as a 
prolific retired developer.

A little over a year ago he died...

Mrs. Smith certainly hopes that one day another developer will decide to 
devote his time and talent to further developing Cinelerra GG.



Le 22-01-23 à 12 h 06, Stefan de Konink via Cin a écrit :
>> I do not see any major programming features being implemented in the 
>> near future until some really motivated programmer retires !
> You would have to explain this joke to me. Is there a programmer now 
> holding back to implement true improvements. Or are advanced features 
> taking too much time next to a day job?

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