[Cin] Editing 4K content targetting 1080p output

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sun Jan 30 14:11:41 CET 2022

On Sunday, January 30, 2022 2:02:36 PM CET, Igor BEGHETTO via Cin wrote:
> Thanks Stefan for screenshots and screencast!

No problem, this makes it all easier too see where it goes wrong.

> For Proxy, could you use .mov, for example, instead of JPEG 
> Sequence (or other type of sequence), please?

Ok, will try.

> In your screencast at 2:11 you are dragging and dropping the 
> clip from Resources/MEDIA when Proxy is enabled! Like said in my 
> previous post, when Proxy is Enabled you MUST to use 
> Resources/PROXY.

You specifically mentioned the viewer. Is there a technical reason this 
be used completely transparently? If a proxy media is available for the 
use that media when proxy editing is available? 

>> Is there any technical reason not to have the viewer play any clip in the
>> *media's* resolution. Regardless of proxy or project setup?
> Have have you  tried "my" Workflow? May be it is good also for you.

I have not yet tried to do the resize with info. But: that is actually 
my question. Is there a reason why media wouldn't just play any format at 
native resolution?

> I always use Proxy and it always works right!
> Pay attemption becouse some plugins, like Title, are not 
> developed for Proxy.

Thanks for this "warning" :)


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