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On Thursday, March 3, 2022, Andrea paz via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>

> This is the kind of error I get when rendering with image sequences:
> FFStream::encode_frame: encode failed.
> file: /home/paz/list/test%05d.png
>   err: Resource temporarily unavailable
> FFMPEG::mux_video  err: Operation not permitted
> FFMPEG::open_decoder: some stream times estimated:
> /home/paz/video_editing/free_video/vp9.webm
> Render::render_single: Session finished.
> ** rendered 939 frames in 9.128 secs, 102.870 fps
> (I remind you that the frames are correctly rendered, but in the TOC
> there is no reference to these images)

As temporary workaround TOC can be generated by external script?

> If a solution is not found I propose to eliminate presets in CinGG and
> manual; image sequences are probably not used much, but those who use
> them are because they follow a very professional workflow, which also
> involves exchanging with compositing and/or color correction programs,
> and also switching from film to digital. So, in my opinion, it is
> better to specify that CinGG does not support DPX than to displease
> those possible users. I'm hoping for the work proposed by realvi, but
> that concerns the internal engine and not ffmpeg:
> https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/forum/everything-else/
> youtubes-video-edit-with-cingg/#post-2078
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