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Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 10:24:58 CET 2022

I tried to make a build using the Makefile and configure.ac made by
realvi (manuvi):
I replaced the "Makefile" in
the "configure.ac" in
the "Makefile" (thirdparty) in
the "downloads.txt" in
and add "libdpx.tar.xz" in

[In configure.ac I have seen many changes of "AS_" to "AC_" and also
the replacement of "ilmbase" with "imath"]

The compile fails and exit.
Would you be able to make these changes work, that update the OpenEXR
and DPX libraries, as well as introducing the rendering of DPX
sequences with CinGG's internal engine?

I attach the "cin5.log", "Makefile", "Makefile(thirdparty),
"downloads.txt", "libdpx.tar.xz" and "configure.ac" taken from the
manuvi git.
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