[Cin] Images sequence

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 13:57:47 CET 2022

(My TOC is also not completely empty; just does not contain file paths)

Using the command:

         ffmpeg -i sample_1920x1080.mov test%05d.dpx

creates the images, but does not create the TOC.

Using image2ffmpeg:
- I created the imagelist.sh script
- I created the sequence of jpgs with the previous command (ffmpeg -i
sample_1920x1080.mov test%05d.jpg). I got all the images without TOC.
- I created the TOC file with the script:
        ./imagelist.sh test_list%05d.txt test*.jpg
- obtained the TOC file (test_list%05d.txt), this is imported into
CinGG without problems.

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