[Cin] Images sequence

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Tue Mar 8 09:22:02 CET 2022

I see You all have solved the question. Below my tests on.
Because my OS is UbuntuStudio16.04_64bit, I tested on 
"CinGG-20220131-x86_64-older_distro.AppImage", and 
It works fine for DPX (there isn't for CinGG20201031), TIFF, and PNG. 
The file name assigned is "image%05d.dpx" as it was written inside the 
text window with options and comments.
And load that file (image%05d.dpx) in an empty track.


Note. To know the info about DPX images, and others, I am using 
ImageMagick by Command Line:
"identify -verbose filename.dpx"

Il 07/03/2022 09:25, Andrea paz via Cin ha scritto:
> @IgorBeg
> Please, can you test the rendering of a sequence of images (it only
> takes a few seconds), since you normally use Ubuntu 16?

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