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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 01:04:20 CET 2022

> Phyllis found the solution; I'm reposting her letter because lately
> she's been using only the "reply" button instead of "reply to all"
> ;-)
OK, ok, I changed my default to "reply all".  I never look at the "from"
and just assume it is from Cinelerra.GG.

> There must be some nuance bug in the code."
Not a bug in the code per se, just needed to add a file called dpx.dfl in
the directory ffmpeg/video (like all the rest of the options have).
I checked this into GIT just now so it works right without having to
remember to do some extra steps (maybe Andrea can verify too).
And now I have checked all of them and found the same problem with "jp2"
which is also missing "jp2.dfl" so I will check that in next time I power
up the desktop.

> Now, with this trick, it always works for me without the need to paste
> the links.

About this:

> For me it fails to build with patches, always errors. Even trying to
> build manuvi git leads to compile errors.
Should I be looking at manuvi git and try to build with Andrew's patches?
I need to look back at the email to see what this is all about.  I would
like to add anything that people are using!   Let me know.
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