[Cin] vp9 high bit depth, vp9 lossless profile

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 21:02:49 CET 2022

> so I  played around with vp9 enciding a bit more.
>>> apoarently there is vp9 lossless mode, and additionally libvpx can
>>> support high bit depth if configured so.
>> Tested on my laptop and the lossless file is, as expected, 15 times
>> larger but looks better.  Thank you Andrew.
>> Will compiling with vp9 multibit affect any loading or rendering of
>> vp8/vp9?  I will try to check this and test it too.
> not sure why this still not default - may be due to libvpx size or speed?
Good news.  The directory containing the libvpx code is only 4 M larger and
the bin/cin file is just a little bigger (about 150KB if I calculated it
correctly) with the patch in.  But I did not check the compile speed yet.
File size differences are in:
96K     ./vpx_scale/generic
144K    ./vpx_scale

424K    ./vp9/encoder/x86
4.0M    ./vp9/encoder
420K    ./vp9/decoder
68K     ./vp9/common/x86
1.0M    ./vp9/common
5.8M    ./vp9

2.6M    ./vpx_dsp/x86
7.0M    ./vpx_dsp

There are these files that maybe can be gotten rid of in the compile if
there are options for that if necessary later:
3.3M    ./docs
240K    ./examples
1004K   ./third_party/googletest
448K    ./tools

More good news is that 1 test rendering the same file with the enable in
and with the enable out came out exactly the same.
Now on to testing 0002-Remove-libavdevice ... by Andrew.
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